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Computer Music Magazine have reviewed our very own Dimension VST Trance Synth this month! Here's what they had to say "This trance-specific ROMpler for PC sports 1.2 GB of euphoric content (all supplied in SF2 format too). You get amp and filter envelopes, reverb and delay. Most sounds are dual layered with controls to set the balance. There are 49 pads, 41 leads, 10 hoovers, 22 basses, 4 pianos and two FX banks (bangs, whooshes etc). There's a lot of detuned sawtooth action going on here...the leads are more interesting but be aware there's no monophonic mode (and no glide). The tight and punch basses and cutting pianos, meanwhile are highlights... this is a decent buy for aspiring Trance producers - 7/10"

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