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"I never buy anything from any other supplier. Your service is certainly the best out there. I can't be more grateful for the inspiration I have been getting from your products. Some of your packs landed me with two record contracts when I had zero inspiration and for that I can't thank you enough."

"As a Trance/ Minimal & Prog House producer, your content has everything one needs to take things to the highest of levels, I'll always be a DMS shopper and provider as long as humanly possible!! Keep up the fantastic work!"


"Why I use DMS MIDI: For years whenever I've wanted to develop my sound design or synth programming skills, I've had to start by writing a tune. This is not a problem, so long as I have the time. But time isn't always easy when running my busy studio. This is where DMS come in. They give me the time. Now I can load up a DMS MIDI into my DAW (Sonar), and start experimenting immediately with my latest synth or preset pack, sharpening up my sound design skills, or testing out new multi-layered patches, or trying out exciting new EQ and comping techniques. Or just do whatever takes my fancy (try slowing a DMS tune right down and knocking up an experimental film score landscape). The point is I can now do all this without the chore of having to write a new song first. This makes me a better musician, and opens new sonic doors for me. It doesn't matter whether you're a tune-a-day writer or not. If you need time, then DMS give you more time to develop your music."


"I would just like to say that your website is absolutely fantastic and very helpful keep up the really good work."


"I just wanted to say that your Psytrance and Trance sample packs are truly awesome! They have inspired and helped me alot in my music production and all samples are HQ and easy to handle. Thanks yet again and keep on making great sample packs!"


"I'm really impressed with the quality of MIDI's and that they are royalty free! I should be able to create at least 4 albums worth of tracks with the packs I've bought!  I'll definitely be purchasing the new packs when released."


"Just wanted to thank you personaly for supplying some god damn tuff MIDI sample packs! I'm working on my first propper hardcore track now using FL Studio and the samples are giving me so many fresh ideas & inspiration it's untrue. Major props to the DMS crew, Darwin, Stormtrooper, K-Complex and all the other seasoned pros for their contributions of these top notch and ultra heavy samples and loops. I will ALWAYS continue to use your website to download all my desired samples. IMO, there is no other website out there that touches DMS"


"I want to take this opportunity to thank you and DMS, I personally think due to the quality of your MIDI's that you are giving artists like me great opportunity to put my studio skills to the test because no matter what people say its not just about dragging a MIDI into Cubase and putting a VST to it, its about the rest of the production and how you express and arrange, the MIDI's have truely been inspirational to me and a great learning tool and continue to do so and this is one of many awards to come I hope and boost's me and the label! I will always support DMS with my purchases and hopefully more MIDI's to come!"


"First of all let me say thanks for the quality of the info on your site, I have only recently discovered you guys and have already purchased the
Deep/Tech house MIDI files which are great."


"Just what I have been looking for! I'm a trance producer and your MIDI files take my tracks to another orbit! Well done!"


"What you have done with this site and the samples you put out are awesome! Thanks and keep up the good work!"


"Thank you for one of the best sample sites I have ever seen in my time making music, and that is by a long shot!"


"Just one thing I want to say before I start the congratulations on a great site. The music community was needing something like this, All the best with Dancemidisamples I found them the best around and I will be definitely upgrading to some more in a few months"


"I have to say that your Epic Chords are just amazing"


"I found the Electro House Midi packs were quite helpful, I learned a lot about timing, patterns and composing in different keys. The patterns loaded up in a piano roll made it immensely easy to analyze and learn not just copy, anyone who is struggling with laying down a solid bassline or melody in the electro style would be wise to invest in these incredible teaching tools"


"Great work guys! The psytrance packs are amazing - real quality!!"

"Just a quick note to say thank you - this is an excellent collection, for very little money! I've already used several of the sounds in my remix work and been very happy with the results. I'll definitely be back for more!"


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