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Virus|HC Control Plugin, Editor & Librarian from Mystery Islands Music - PC VST & MAC AU Compatible

Mystery Islands Music have been developing their highly advanced Access Virus librarian and editor plugin for some time now, and it’s really coming of age. Capable of turning your Virus A, B or C into a fully controllable VST or Audiunit plugin available from inside your DAW this handy app is a must for all owners of Access Music ‘Virus’ series of synth! Not only does the Virus|HC plugin handle older Virus units, it can also control your Virus TI or TI2, offering significant improvements over Access’ own Virus Control plugin. Patch management of hardware synths is always a pain, and with the demise of Emagic’s Soundiver some time ago there really aren’t many dedicated apps for classic hardware synths that do this job quite so well. Fear not! Access Virus|HC is here to make your life a whole lot easier, so don’t eBay that perfectly good Virus simply because it’s not a ‘TI’ model - the Access Virus|HC editor, librarian and control app gives you all of the control you need right from inside your DAW software. Who needs those new 'hypersaw' waveforms when you’ve already got the amazing DSP power of a Virus sitting right in your studio!  Visit the Mystery Islands Website and get your Virus|HC Plugin Here. Get 50% off the plugin during December 2015!

Click Here To Read more About Virus|HC AU/ VST Editor & Librarian
Faster Workflow: Since there are a lot of fantastic sounding software synthesizers out there today, and because they’re so easy to use Virus|HC brings this functionality to every producer out there - using any Access Virus model. Using this great plugin it’s now simple to scroll through your Virus patches and make edits from right within your DAW. One of the best features of Virus|HC is it’s librarian function enabling you to store all of your patches in one handy place. Visit the Mystery Islands Website and get your Virus|HC Plugin Here.
Virus|HC Control Plugin, Editor & Librarian - PC & MAC

The best part about this nifty plugin is that when you reopen your project, you don’t have to worry about the patch data you had up on your synth during your last writing session: the Virus|HC plugin stores all the data within the project and when you reopen the project, all of the used data gets sent to your hardware automatically! No more sync issues, saving, loading or transferring patch data. Welcome to total recall. What’s even better? Demo versions are available to try out too, so you can be sure that the plugin works with your setup: bonza! Need a fresh selection of Access Virus Presets for your synth? Click here!
Virus|HC Features:
• Control any model of Access Virus directly from your DAW.
• Automate almost every parameter directly from your DAW.
• No need to remember CC’s for each knobs / per synthesizer. Goodbye sticky notes!
• Load, Edit and Store patches into hardware memory or in your HDD personal library.
• Store any Virus compatible sound bank in your HDD library folder and browse it from our plugin.
• Send banks or individual synth patches from librarian to hardware.
• Request banks or individual presets from hardware to librarian.
• Total Recall: When you reopen your project, all of the data used in it, will be sent to the hardware, automatically!
Virus|HC  Requirements:
• Access Virus A, B, C or TI-range hardware synth. 
• MIDI interface.
• Mac OS X 10.6 or later with AudioUnit or VSTi host.
• Win XP, Vista, 7 or 8 with VSTi 2.4 compliant host.
Visit the Mystery Islands Website and get your Virus|HC Plugin Here.  Get an amazing 50% off the plugin during December 2015!