CubicAudio Cubits Evolution VSTi
CubicAudio Cubits Evolution VSTi

CubicAudio Cubits Evolution VSTi

Freedom of creativity and sound design exploration! Cubits Evolution Hybrid ROM Synthesizer features a multitude of different sounds to suit any producer's needs. Includes FREE DMS Trance Expansion & now Dancida VSTi too! A Fully Featured PC VSTi with tons of awesome bonus content!

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  • PC Compatible Only
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On Special! Download now includes Dancida VST FREE! Now with 500 presets and FREE DMS expansion! CubicAudio present Cubits Evolution, taking creativity to a new level and giving the user control over the sound. Cubits Evolution is a new Rom Synthesizer with a multitude of different sounds to suit any producers needs. Evolution enters a whole new dimension in sound design aswell as giving you the user an advantage to not only load presets with roms, but to also edit oscillators by changing wave types and editing effects directly as no features are locked away from user. We believe that any producer or sound designer should have access to each part of the synth and this allows you to fully utilize Evolution's capabilities and create your own sounds.

Make it easy, Make it intuitive, Make it advanced! Flexibility and usability are key to Evolution we have made it easy to browse presets by using category icons and categories to seperate each section of presets. Not only that but the ability to favourite any preset you want. Also included is a very easy but very flexible search feature which with just a few keywords you can find the perfect presets for you. Each preset has been named in a way that resembles to the designer what it sounds like also there is a description for each preset which is searchable aswell. Evolution includes 4 Main Oscillators, 1 Rom Synthesizer (Up to 4 Layers), Modulation Matrix (Many modulation options), 2 LFOs, 6 effects (chorus, decimator, EQ, distortion, reverb & delay).

Small Size, Big Library, Better Sounds. Evolution's flexibility allows it to be easily updated to add new presets. With over 300 presets at a size of 1.2 GB its got a lot to pack. Not only do we have amazing expansion packs for Evolution but we will also allow you to access presets individually and with ease have them straight into Evolution's library. The library of presets will keep on growing with more presets and expansion packs you will have a limitless set of sounds at your disposal. An update including a new preset pack featuring 200 new sounds will be available soon!

Find out about Evolution's new features in this video!


Key Features:

Extensive library of presets with over 500 high quality presets to get you started with more expansions available. 4 Oscillators each with 6 waveforms (Sine,Saw,Square,Triangle,Vintage Saw,Noise) and Pan,Transpose Fine Tune control.

Rom oscillator with up to 4 layers each layer can consist of 127 samples which are looped or one shots with velocity control on each layer. Each layer has Pan,Fine Tune and Transpose modulation and control options.

Mod Matrix with 8 Sources and 8 Destinations giving you flexibility over creation of your presets. Arp/Sequencer with up to 64 steps, Each Layer/Oscillator can consist of an arp/ seq, 30 Tempo Sync Options, Note Length Control, Note Velocity Control, 4 Octave Range, 6 Arp Modes including (Up,Down,Up-Down,Random, Arp>Matrix,Sequencer), Arp Preset Saving/Loading, Copy and Paste functions to copy steps from different parts,

Use of arp as a modulation source. 2 LFO's with 30 Tempo Sync options, Free mode so you control the LFO rate, 4 waveform choices and ability to sync both LFO's together. 6 Effects including (Chorus, Decimator, Distortion, EQ, Reverb and Delay)8 Filter choices including Lowpass/ Highpass/ Bandpass 12db ,Lowpass/ Highpass/ Bandpass, 24db, Lowpass/Highpass/Bandpass 48db, Glide (Portamento) control for voices. Pitch Bend semitone range control.

"Evolution is the best of both worlds as a ROMpler and Subtractive synth in its own right.", Wusik Sound Magazine.

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