Dark Window Recs EDM Bundle
Dark Window Recs EDM Bundle

Dark Window Recs EDM Bundle

Download 170 top notch loops and samples from Dark Window Recs - all recorded at 140 BPM for quick super smooth workflow! Perfect for producing EDM, DubStep, HipHop, Trap, Trance, Techno, Ambient and more…
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Dark Window Records unleash a super-value sample collectors kits packaged for with nearly 1500 samples, loops, synths, drums, FX and much more! If you need an instant toolkit for EDM production then grab this superb value pack today and create your own electronic masterpieces!

Bundle Content:

140BPM Construction Kit: Dark Window Recs presents their brand new music production sample pack "140BPM Construction Kit”. With the intention to help make today’s music production quick, smooth and easy, and of course fun! "140 BPM Construction Kit" is the all-in-one answer to creating complete music productions at the tempo of 140 BPM.

This WAV sample pack is the perfect companion to compliment 140 BPM music productions for genres such as EDM, DubStep, HipHop, Trap, Trance, Techno, Ambient and more. With handy A-B style samples for Drumloops, Synthlines and Basslines, you get more variety to work with on your own musical creations. Including digital Drum Kit Hits and SFX samples, Everything you need to make a 140BPM music creation is in this one sample pack, with a mixed variety of style-flavours ranging from: feel good, funky, and "get-up-and-go" vibes - to heavy, epic, and down-right dirty sounds!

There are 5 sound categories in the pack; Synth loops & Lines, Bass Loops & Lines, Drum Loops, Drum Kit Hits and SFX & Soundscapes totalling 170 individual samples.

This WAV sample pack has the latest and most up-to-date sounds ready to go for modern professional music producers and beginners alike. Whether you want to add some flavour to your already pre-existing tracks, Or maybe you want to make a new track from scratch - everything you need to start making your own 140 BPM productions is all in this one download. Each WAV sample is clearly named and labelled with its tempo, category and key to help for a quick and friendly work flow.

Electric Drum Kit Samples Vol 1: Dark Window Recs presents a brand new volume of "Up-Front" electric drumkit hits for the up-to-date music producer. This collection of 300 WAV file samples caters for a wide selection of genres, such as: Dance, Drum and Bass, Trance, Dubstep, Electro, Hip Hop, hardcore, Techno, Glitch, EDM, Funk, Dancehall, Garage, Oldschool and Newschool breaks and many others!

Beginner or a pro, these drum kit hits will help serve your groove needs! Whether it’s an "in-you-face" Hip Hop track, or a "stompin'" dance tune, these samples will be ready to liven up your creations. Arm your sampler with these premium drum samples today!

Dark Window Recs - Mini Nova Samples: is a collection of multi-samples, SFX and exclusive drumkit hits made using the Novation Mininova synthesizer produced exclusively by Dark Window Recordings. Each folder contains 10 groups of "whole octave" multi-samples (example:C0 to C1) so a total of 130 individual samples per folder, labelled, clear and easy to understand which makes for a smoother workflow. These include; arpeggiators, basslines, leads, loop sequences/pads/poly/vocoder voices, all ranging from "hard,heavy,funky and upfront" to "Bright, blippy, warm and evolving" sounds, and even some oldskool tones thrown in too.

This collection also includes 100 SFX and soundscapes samples, plus bonus "exclusive drumkit hits" containing 50 samples, So you can even make your own beats. That's a total of 1060 samples! These samples are the perfect tools for most modern music genres such as; Dubstep, Trance, Electro, Drum & Bass, Techno, Hiphop, Chillout, Pop, in fact any genre that requires a dose of pro quality loops! If you want up-to-date sounds with cutting-edge hardware technology then this pack is ideal for you. All Samples in this download are musical key & tempo labelled for ease of use. Please note that the Dubstep drums in the second demo track are from our Thrilltex Dubstep Loop Pack. The download also includes the Ableton Live 8 project file for second demo track.

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