DMS Uplifting Trance MIDI Vol 8
DMS Uplifting Trance MIDI Vol 8

DMS Uplifting Trance MIDI Vol 8

50 luscious Trance chord progressions paired up with matching riffs to give your tacks the uplifting Trance sound you need! Inc. Trance Soundfonts!
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We're bringing one of our best trance series to a close here at DMS and we're going out with a bang! Our top producers have pulled out all the stops for this last pack of the series, and you're a fan of the blissed-out, uplifting, big-room sound then you need to check this out. These patterns will not only give you a starting point to make your own top trance tunes, but they'll also provide you with a comprehensive arsenal of spine-tingling leads and luscious chords.

All you need to do is drop them into your favourite sequencer, set up your favourite synth sounds, then tweak as much as you like! Remember that MIDI is infinitely flexible: you don't have to just use our files straight-up (although you can do that if you want to). We recommend tweaking the riffs and chords to fit your track perfectly.

The files in this pack are organised into matching pairs for easy access, each folder contains both chord progression and lead riff sequences for ease of use. You could easily use our files completely unchanged to make a hit Trance record if you like - we're generous like that! For more information about the flexibility of MIDI see our FAQ section.

This download also includes all of the sounds from the demo track as bonus Trance loops and FX as well as a bonus MIDI section including basic percussion patterns, trance basslines, 10 arpeggio patterns and Trance SoundFonts taken from the demo so that you can get to work on your latest Trance anthem straight away. All the elements that you need to create Pro sounding Trance in one handy download!

Why MIDI? If you need to produce some serious music, using your own creative license and choice of sounds DMS MIDI packs will become the secret weapon in your production toolbox. MIDI loops provide the absolute ultimate in control over the groove! Since MIDI files contain the note data for each sequence you're completely free to change them in any way you wish - add your own sound from your favourite synth , change musical key or tempo, re-arrange the notes in your DAW's piano roll editor, use only a portion of the sequence or even reverse it: all free from the constraints of time-stretching artifacts found when using audio loops. Complete flexibility from our experts here at

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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