Dusty Beats - Classic Hip Hop Crates
Dusty Beats - Classic Hip Hop Crates

Dusty Beats - Classic Hip Hop Crates

'Dusty Beats' brings you a spectacular lo-fi sample library crammed with emotive chord loops, crunchy drum hits, versatile musical one shots, thick musical stacks, MIDI loops and FX. Over 840 MB of Hip Hop samples, with loops recorded at 90 & 100 BPM.

Compatible with:

  • WAV & MIDI Compatible With All DAW Software
  • PC & Mac Compatible
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Origin Sound presents another proud addition to our Lo Fi / Hip Hop catalogue with Dusty Beats. Dusty Beats is a mammoth library weighing in at just shy of 1GB, filled to the brim with Lo Fi goodness, from emotive chord loops, crunchy drum hits, versatile musical one shots, thick musical stacks, and much more. There is plenty here to get your hands on and tweak, to inspire your next fresh beat.

Leading Dusty Beats is our new ‘stacks’ section, as featured in our popular Crate Digging sample library. The stacks section contains a wealth of music loops which are layers of a variety of instruments, just waiting to be sliced up and chucked into a sampler, to be twisted and chopped into your own unique phrases.

For those who are looking for some quick inspiration, Dusty Beats also comes with already processed stacks, with chopped variations, as well as aged versions which are processed even further for that pleasant dusty aesthetic. In addition to the stacks, you can find a healthy selection of music loops with accompanying midi, such as warped guitars, soulful keys, and crunchy sub bass.

No Dusty Beat would be complete without a solid foundation of drums, and this library provides exactly that, with an extensive collection of 120 individual drum hits, primed and ready to be loaded into a drum pad or sequencer, as well as 70 detailed drum loops, for those who are looking for a quick beat to get the creative juices flowing and build your track on to.

All the beats provided are accompanied by stem version, for those who want to flex their rhythmic creativity, interchanging kicks and snares across a plethora of top loops.

Of course an essential stylistic element of Lo Fi Hip Hop is vinyl crackles and the like. In Dusty Beats you are spoilt for choice with a selection 30 authentic SFX, ranging from vinyl noises and crackles, scratches, drones, vocal swells, hazy guitars and more, giving your beats a legitimate dusty feel that takes your productions to the next level.

Dusty Beats is one of our biggest packs to date, and one we are proud of, not sacrificing quantity over quality at and corner of the library, with every sample carefully processed and considered, to provide any authentic sonic aesthetic that we are sure will enhance your productions to no end.

What's in the sample pack?

120 Crunchy drum hits.
20 Detailed drum loops (with stem bounces).
20 Extra percussion loops.
10 Dusty bass loops (WAV Loops & MIDI).
14 Emotive chord loops (WAV Loops & MIDI).
28 Hooky melody loops (WAV Loops & MIDI).
10 Thick musical stacks (with 20 edited variations).
40 Effective musical one shots.
30 Precise SFX

Instant Download: Pay for your pack now by Credit/ Debit Card or PayPal - you'll get instant on-site access to all of your your sounds - forever!

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these Hip Hop samples in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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