Kick Back Samples: Dubstep Drums
Kick Back Samples: Dubstep Drums

Kick Back Samples: Dubstep Drums

KBS present Dubstep Drumbank including all the sounds you'll need to make your own speaker thumping beats! Over 200 samples inc. kicks, snare, claps, hats, loops & kits!
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Fed up using low-quality drum samples? If you are looking for professional drums which pack a punch, look no further! This Dubstep drum collection contains samples from analogue drum machines, acoustic drums and percussion instruments. Each individual samples has been recorded using 'class-A' preamps and have then been carefully crafted using top quality EQ, compression and reverb.

This drum bank has been designed to offer the dubstep producer a tailored sound set of distinct and usable drum sounds. Ranging from deep kicks and epic snares through to crisp cymbals and percussion, this sample library offers everything you need for powerful dubstep drums! Each sound has been carefully produced to create a small but perfectly formed soundest with NO unnecessary filler hits! Although these sounds have been specifically chosen with dubstep in mind, they are also suitable for a range of other genres.

Even though 24-bit recording is now the norm, some engineers retain the habit of trying to hit the top of the meters, which is totally unnecessary... so you won't lose any dynamic range if you peak to -3dbfs or even as low as -10 dbfs and you'll end up with a cleaner recording.'' (Bob Katz, Mastering Audio: the art and the science, Second Edition). With this in mind our samples have been captured at the professional level of -3db. As a result you will find they respond better with your audio applications.

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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