Xurbatronic Reason 4 Refill
Xurbatronic Reason 4 Refill

Xurbatronic Reason 4 Refill

Ambient/ Chillout/ Drum & Bass Refill featuring over 50 Combinator instruments! Create beautiful, flowing sounds using Reason!

Compatible with:

  • PC & Mac Compatible
  • Reason
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This Ambient/ Chillout / Drum & Bass Refill for Reason 4 users contains custom Combinator patches with massive drum and percussive modules using parallel distortion and compression, other-worldly multi-layered pads, arpeggiating sequencers, lead synths and samplers ranging from Tangerine Dream style analogue machines to archetypal IDM 'tape fluctuation' Boards of Canada style keyboards.

With over 50 different instruments including fat subsonic basses, extreme filter basses of the Drum and Bass genre, this refill has everything you need to build electronic tracks with that extra edge. 

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