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Ableton Live 9 Mastering Templates

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Mastering is a vital part of music production, used to ensure that your track is as loud and punchy as other tracks in the genre that you're producing. If you're sending your productions to Club or Radio DJ's you need to ensure that when they're played they are not audibly quieter that the other tracks they are competing with, this will ultimately lead to DJ's favouring mastered tracks ahead of yours. It's a well-known fact that the loudest song on a dance floor will have a stronger reaction from people. There is nothing worse for a DJ that to have to turn up the gain control on a mixer when your track is played to ensure the energy level on his or her mix doesn't start to lose momentum.

JF Productions brings you an all in one mastering template for Ableton Live 9 Standard, created in version 9.6 The template comes in 2 versions, one version utilizes Live's own exceptional plugin suite, so no third party plugins are required. The other version included in the download uses the world renowned, industry standard Waves plugins, used by giants of the music production world.

Inside the download you'll find an explanation of each of the plug-ins used in the chain and how they affect the mix. Each template is set up ready for your pre-master to be slotted in, simply change the settings to suit your mix. There is also a pre-master track set up on teach template, so copy your audio to both and you can A and B between them to hear the difference during the mastering process. A PDF mastering guide is also included in the download explaining some basic mastering theory, and how to use the controls of the selected mastering plugins used in the projects. Check out this superb tool for all Live 9.6 or higher users. Make your tracks sound just as full and punchy like the Pro's today!

Demo Track Guide:

1: Pre-Master
2: Live Plugins Mastering Chain
3: Waves Plugins Mastering Chain

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Format: Ableton Live Mastering Project

Requires Ableton Live Standard 9.6 or Higher

Waves Plugin Version Requires:

Waves Paz Analyzer
Waves Q10 Paragraphic EQ
Waves LinMB
Waves C1 Compressor Waves L1 Limiter

PDF Plugin Mastering Guide

Requires Ableton Live Standard 9.6 or Higher, WAVES Plugins Optional.