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DAW Templates

What are DAW Templates? DAW’s or Digital Audio Workstation’s are the software centerpiece of today’s recordings. Controlling everything from MIDI sequencing for hardware synthesizers and hosting powerful VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugin effects and soft-synths as well as mixing duties many electronic composition based musicians too. Browse through our DAW Templates right here!

 Although the phrase ‘DAW Template’ has been hijacked from the conventional terminology of specific DAW manufacturers ( who often provide project template for recording, mixing, editing or mastering),  essentially a DAW template is a single composition laid out for use in a specific DAW. For example in one download you’d receive the parts for one entire song or tune, laid out for use in the chosen DAW such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, FL Studio, Reason etc.

 Why use DAW Templates? Not only do templates give you access to a great sounding track and mixdown, they give you insight into professional techniques, and quite often all sounds are created either with sampled audio loops, or entirely with a DAW’s built in (native) plugin suite – so no third party synths or effects are required – you can simply download the pack, unzip and open in your software to explore the track. The fun doesn’t stop there though – why not use these tracks as a base for your next production? So you’ll get one complete tune, showing you exactly how sounds are made and tracks are mixed together with FX, auxiliary channels (often used for FX and bus / group mixing) along with professional workflow advice. Effectively if you’d like to know how a particular style of tune is put together DAW templates are your ticket to an easy ride!  Browse through our DAW Templates right here!

Why get your DAW Templates from We’ve got a fantastic variety of project files that have been vetted by our Pro’s here at DMS to ensure that you get quality over quantity, and that every music production template that you download from us is fully supported both my our dedicated support team and by the templates manufacturer if it’s been provided to us by one of our label partners. Take a browse through our DAW Templates today!