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DMS Psybreaks Cubase Project 1

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Full Description

Want to produce pumping Psybreaks using ONLY Cubase 5 or 6? Our production experts have created an all new Psybreaks track exploring all of the production techniques that you'll need to create your own Psybreaks using ONLY Cubase! The project folder contains an entire Psybreaks arrangement including all the samples, sounds and presets you'll need to create your own tracks using Cubase. The project uses only Cubase's built-in plugin suite so you don't need any 3rd party plugins to open the project.

If you want to see how production techniques such as EQ, compression and limiting come together with FX such as chorus, delay, reverb and bit crunching then this project will show you how they can be applied to Psybreaks production. You're free to edit and re-arrange this track royalty free, meaning that you can use it as a template for a new production, learn from how the project was constructed, add your own musical elements, remix and much more!

Please Note: This template requires Cubase 5 or 6, and is not compatible with Cubase Elements or Cubase 7.

If you like the sound of this template why not take a listen through our Psytrance packs - all packed full of hi-quality usable Psy samples & MIDI files ready for instant integration into your Cubase projects.

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• Formats:

• Cubase Project

• Sounds & Categories:

• Requires Cubase 5.5 or 6
• Not Compatible With Cubase 7
• All Sounds Included In Download
• No 3rd Party Instruments

• 100% Royalty Free
• Instant Download

Requires Cubase 5 or 6
Not Compatible With Cubase 7

Requires Cubase 5.5 or 6