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Festival EDM Bundle

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"Festival EDM Bundle" is a special bundle made for commercial EDM music producers, packed full of the most memorable EDM drops. The download features almost 2 GB of content compiled from Function Loops chart-breaking sample packs including "EDM MIDI Bash! Volumes 1 & 2" and "EDM Acapellas with Lokka". Inside the packs you’ll find melodic loops in both WAV and MIDI formats including Arps, Leads, Chords and Bass, as well 5 massive construction kits featuring vocals, drums, basslines and synths. In detail, the bundle contains 507 loops in total, over 200 MIDI files and a hefty amount of WAV loops! Get loaded for the summer festival season with the right tools to help you produce unforgettable hits and rock the dancefloors and festivals worldwide! Here’s what’s inside this fantastic production resource:

'EDM Acapellas With Lokka’ is a brand new series from Function Loops featuring Class-A material to help you create EDM chart-breakers. This is also a first of a kind sample pack with a very special format. This pack is all about full-length acapellas, featuring five complete construction kits including everything you'll hear in the demos, all BPM and Key-Labelled for ease of use and MIDI files are included for maximum flexibility too!

Each Kit contains the Vocal Acapella served as one full-length file (Dry & Wet Versions, 24-Bit WAV), so you can arrange your track as you like and chop the vocals to fit you production. All the instrumental Stems are included so you can quickly drop them into your favourite DAW and get the exact arrangement as you can hear in the demos. The Stems are not mastered, with no limiters or any other stuff, that can make problems when you will send your final work for mastering. They are low volume and ready to be modified to go smoothly into any mix.

After importing the Stems and Acapellas, your workflow becomes a picnic! You can change, swap, remix and remake the track for your own flavour quickly and easily, this is the preferred format for most artists and producers today. The whole pack has been recorded at 128 BPM so you can mix between the kits to get unique combinations of your own. But that's not all that’s included! The instrumental Stems are also broken into 24-Bit WAV loops (Dry & Wet versions). This gives you the tools to build your tracks from scratch, or you can use the Stems and then add the loops on top of them: basically the possibilities are endless. As a bonus there are also a bunch of Raw Vocal Loops included for the extra touch. In detail the pack contains: 9 MIDI files, 49 Stems, 48 Loops, 106 files in total, 1.2 GB of content.

EDM MIDI Bash! Vol 1: Inspired by biggest raves, top DJs and artists?'EDM MIDI Bash!' is here to help you to get "that" sound. This pack is an essential collection of huge EDM melodies! Packed with 200 loops in total, 100 MIDI progressions and 100 WAV loops, this sample pack is a unique collection of tools to build your own EDM tracks quickly. 'EDM MIDI Bash!' gives you maximum flexibility by including MIDI files and an extra touch with already polished WAV loops for a quick drag & drop use. The flexibility of each MIDI file gives you the ultimate freedom to choose your own sounds, change the key, tempo, velocity, length and so on. All these features give you the opportunity to modify each loop to fit your track perfectly. You can also easily re-arrange notes, musical key and create your own unique melodic elements using these loops.

The pack is grouped into folders for easy navigation and features; 20 Arps, 10 Basslines, 35 Chord Progressions and 35 Leads served in both MIDI & WAV formats and inspired by the EDM productions heating up the charts right now. If you are a beginner, this is an essential collection and a good way to help you start working on melodic parts in your tracks and understanding MIDI. If you are a pro, it's a pack of pure inspiration and a serious bag of ideas for your next hits. The pack was produced by DJ Arkadium, exclusively for Function Loops.

EDM MIDI Bash! Vol 2: Brings you up-to-date EDM sounds that you’ll hear at the biggest festivals around the globe, played by your favorite DJ's and artists! Want to sound like them? This is another essential collection of the best EDM Melodics, that will help you get the sound you were looking for. Packed with 201 files in total, 100 MIDI files and 101 WAV loops, including 50 Melodics (Leads, Arps, Chords, etc.) and 50 strong and fat Basslines to fit each melodic loop, giving you the right tools to kick-start your new tracks easily.

You can drop the ready WAV loops quickly to get started and also use the MIDI files to adjust the sounds, change the tempo, key, preset, velocity and much more, sky is the limit. Each WAV loop is key labelled and the whole pack is recorded at 24-Bit WAV, and at 128 BPM. Look no further, 'EDM MIDI Bash! Vol 2' will make your life easier and will give you the tools to produce professional sounding EDM.

Why MIDI? This pack is provided in MIDI file format giving you the opportunity to choose any sound you wish completely free from the restraints of tempo and key - simply assign your favourite synth pad sounds to play these awesome chord progressions and edit to perfection using your sequences piano roll editor for maximum flexibility and creative license.

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

Works with Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reason, Traktor (WAV), Reaper, Sonar, Studio One, Mixcraft, FL Studio, Garageband, Samplitude and many more...

PC & Mac Compatible

PC & Mac Compatible

Content Overview:

• Format: MIDI & WAV Bundle
• All Loops 128 BPM
• 1.82 GB Content
• 507 Files Total
• Royalty Free
• Instant Download

Full Content Breakdown:

EDM Acapellas With Lokka:
• WAV & MIDI Format
• 1.2GB of Content per Format
• 106 Individual Loops & Samples
• Acapellas & Instruments
• Stems & Loops
• Royalty Free
• Instant Download

EDM MIDI Bash Vol 1:
• Format: WAV Sample Pack & MIDI Pack
• 20 Arps (WAV & MIDI)
• 10 Basslines (WAV & MIDI)
• 35 Chord Progressions (WAV & MIDI)
• 35 Leads (WAV & MIDI)
• 350 MB of Content in WAV Format
• 100 MIDI Files + 100 WAV Files in Total
• 200 Files in Total

EDM MIDI Bash Vol 2:
• Format: WAV & MIDI Pack
• 50 Melodic MIDI Loops
• 50 Bass MIDI Loops
• 51 Melodic WAV Loops
• 50 Bass WAV Loops
• 201 Files Total
• Key Labelled
• Tempo: 128 BPM

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