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Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 2

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Full Description

'Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 2' raises the bar yet again with another 10 Construction Kits of epic proportions (4 GB Total). Expert production, radio-ready melodies and hooks, and a professional feature set make this an essential addition to your Producer Loops library. In no less than 10 Kits you'll find euphoric melodies, deep chord progressions and climatic builds. Side-chained pads give way to pounding drums and basslines. Includes MIDI files for maximum flexibility.

Each Kit has its own distinct mood, but thanks to the intuitive file naming and key/tempo metadata embedded in the files they can be used with each other and with your other Producer Loops titles with no trouble at all. White noise washes, groovy top loops, side-chained pads, synth leads and funky basslines are all included in over 700 audio and MIDI loops, and all files have been mixed and mastered to the highest quality. This pack also includes the usual great features for professional producers that you've come to expect from Producer Loops.

Dry and Wet Loops: Each loop is supplied in both dry and wet versions, meaning you can either use the effect mix heard in the demo files, or apply your own effects to the dry signal to create an entirely new sound.

Unlooped Riffs: These FX Tail files contain the decay portion of the wet loops, allowing you to end a phrase naturally without having to resort to fade outs or using up your DSP on custom reverbs and delays.

One-Shots: These non-looped samples contain the percussive and FX samples heard in the Kit demos, allowing you to program new rhythms and breaks to compliment the included rhythms.

MIDI Files: For those that want to really get under the hood, 'Sunny Lax: Modern Trance Vol 2' includes a number of MIDI files allowing you to use your favourite synths and samplers with the melodic phrases found in the Kits, or to create new variations on the melodies and chord progressions.

• 10 Powerful Construction Kits
• 64 MIDI files containing melodic data
• Over 500 expertly mixed loops
• Over 80 original one-shot percussive samples
• Dry, wet and unlooped versions for flexibility
• 24-Bit uncompressed audio for pristine quality and excellent headroom
• Royalty Free
• Instant Download

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Works with Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reason, Reaper, Sonar, FL Studio, Garageband and many more...

PC & Mac Compatible

PC & Mac Compatible