14 Synths That Shaped Modern Music

14 Synths That Shaped Modern Music

October 6th 2017

Sythesizers are without doubt the driving force behind all modern music production. From classic hardware units such a the MINIMOOG and modern ROM based classics such as the Korg M1 or Triton, to today’s ultra technical DSP based synths such as the mighty Access Virus TI, and of course the explosion of VST soft-synths, synthesizers are here to stay!

John Twells over at thevinylfactory.com has written a great article detailing some of the first ever synths, among with technical specs and lists of famous artists who’ve used them. A great piece of music technology history, and well worth a read for anyone interested in how these fascinating, game changing devices came into being.

The article covers some absolute dance music classics too, such as Roland’s TB-303 and SH-101, along with the PPG Wave, Fairlight CMI, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.

Read ‘The 14 synthesizers that shaped modern music‘ here.

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