Ableton Live 10 Announced: What We Know So Far…

Ableton Live 10 Announced: What We Know So Far…

November 7th 2017

Ableton have announced the long awaited update to Live! It’s been quite a while since Live 9 introduced a host of new features way back in 2013, and needless to say we’ll be checking out the new version as soon as it’s available. Pegged for release ‘in the first quarter’ of 2018 Live 10 promises improved workflow, a new sound library and four new Devices, along with updates for Push, Ableton’s dedicated Live controller surface.

First up in the new Device line-up is ‘Wavetable’, a wavetable synthesizer which includes a selection of waveforms sampled from both analogue and other instruments along with analogue modeled filter types. The synth offers ““deep, flexible modulation” options – we’ll be interested to hear Wavetable in action!

Live 10’s other new plugins are ‘Drum Buss’, a drum shaping tool, ‘Echo’, a new delay unit and Pedal, a guitar pedal inspired saturation and warm plugin.

Several key plugins have had features added too, Utility now allows bass to be mono’d separately – really handy for tracks that are designed for the danced floor. EQ Eight has an extended slope along with Split Stereo Pan, allowing for even finer EQ control.

‘Capture’ is perhaps our favourite new feature. Logic users may be familiar with Logic’s ‘always on’ MIDI recording – even when armed Logic is always listening to MIDI input, forgot to press record? Or, our favourite, just played a note sequence that we can’t re-produce! No problem, that data is just a few clicks away! This feature is now just a single click away for Live users.

Another new feature, ‘Collections’, allows you to easily tag, favourite and organize your plugins and sounds, making for a super-fast workflow.

Keep an eye out for more details coming soon!

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