NEW! Ableton Live Progressive Psytrance Kits

NEW! Ableton Live Progressive Psytrance Kits

November 11th 2015

Get ready for 5 totally original Progressive Psytrance kits designed exclusively for Ableton Live!  We’ve had so many requests for more Ableton Live Packs for Psy producers that we just had to hit the studio and get down to some twisted psychedelic synth work. 

Screen Shot For Ableton Live Progressive Psytrance Kits

Each kit contains MIDI clips for every part, usually we’ve used Simpler instruments to give you a playable sound to use in your adaptions and tracks, where on occasion we’ve had to render down to an audio loops – for complicated synth arpeggios for instance we’ve sliced the loop into Simpler to give you MIDI style control over the slices of the loop. Handy!  These swirling, spaced out kits don’t require any 3rd party plugins or instruments to load, all you need to fire these projects up and get rockin’ is the full version of Ableton Live 8 or 9 Standard.

These DAW templates are here to illustrate just how easy it is to build up grooves using Live’s Clip View – why not add your own sounds or use them as a base for your next tracks?  Not into the whole ‘Prog’ thing? Just re-dial in your own tempo and sounds: awesome control! That’s why we love Ableton Live! Download the Ableton Live Psytrance Projects here.

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