New In Soundsets: Access Virus TI 2 from Dan Wray Sound Design

New In Soundsets: Access Virus TI 2 from Dan Wray Sound Design

May 29th 2012

Dan Wray Sound Design release their latest Access Virus TI Soundset featuring 128 brand new sounds to feed your synth. These Patches host a range of sounds covering

everything you’ll ever need to get the most out of your Access Virus TI hardware synth. Boasting 128 Patches all unique in their own way and designed for full modulation in every patch the sounds have been categorized and sub categorized for ease of selection and use.

This soundest has everything from massive leads, huge pads, percussion, to melodic arps and gritty plucks, and as always you will find a perfect combination of great, usable sounds.

Although this set was specifically designed for Trance, Progressive, House, Techno & Minimal, These top notch sounds will feel right at home in any other musical genre or project.

Note: that only those who own an Access Virus TI can use this soundset. Check the second volume of Virus patches from Dan Wray Sound Design today! Need MIDI sequences for your new Virus sounds? Check out our massive selection of MIDI packs for fresh inspiration for your latest tracks.Find-Out-More

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