Apple Add Camel Audio's Alchemy to Logic

Apple Add Camel Audio’s Alchemy to Logic

August 29th 2015

This last week we’ve seen Apple update Logic to version 10.2 with amongst other features Camel Audio’s Alchemy sampler. Since the rumours that Apple had acquired Camel proliferated a while back we’ve been wondering when Camel products would start to appear in Logic. In our musings we’d over-looked Alchemy, summising that perhaps it’s features would be drawn into an EXS24 MKIII… how wrong we were!  Alchemy is a fully featured sampler and synth – with some pretty nifty features to boot. We’ll be reviewing Apple’s first reiteration of the instrument soon: watch this space!

Perhaps an integration of Camel Phat and / or Space is next on Apple list, Logic’s Autofilter has never quite had enough bite for the harder side of dance music – and Camel Phat’s ‘bandpass’ filters certainly provide that, making it a favourite of many UK hard dance producers.  Camel Space’s gate feature is something that Logic  would benefit form too, Space (if you’re unfamiliar with this awesome little effects plugin) is (or was rather sadly…) a multi-fx plugin featuring filter, auto-pan, distortion, enhancer, flanger, step sequencer/ ‘trance gate’ plus good old delay and reverb on top.  Let’s hope that Apple take this powerful little FX box and integrate it into Logic X’s powerful plugin suite.

Alchemy in Apple Logic X

We’ve got plenty of Logic Templates, fully compatible with Logic X – take a browse through them here. Need Logic ES2 presets? Check them out here!

This isn’t the first time Apple have added new features poached from company acquisitions, Apple purchased Logic from German software house back in 2002, discontinuing Windows support but driving forward it’s development in Apple’s own image. Good or bad Logic aficionados were forced to go the Apple way or switch DAW’s (with Steinberg offering a cross-grade option for Windows users at the time). While a brand spanking new Mac Pro was an expensive outlay for home music makers, many professional music makers were already Mac users – and those that couldn’t live without Logic hopped to Apple Macs in their droves (many Windows users continue to use Logic 5.5 to this very day!).


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