New Psytrance Demo for Ascension VST Synth!

New Psytrance Demo for Ascension VST Synth!

June 19th 2018

Check out our new Psytrance demo for DMS Ascension VST – PC & Mac Synthesizer! We’ve tailor made Ascension to be perfect for Psy producers – with tons of Psy-based presets included in the plugin’s sound library as standard, plus tons of scope for your own intricate sound design.

Use Ascension’s 10.5 GB ROM library to create insane multi-layered psychedelic textures, pads and FX, or tailor your own trippy lead synths and basslines from our massive psytrance preset collection!

With powerful FM enabled subtractive oscillators, 4 envelopes, 8 modulation destinations and handy wave features such as wavetable import and your own hand-drawn designs, and of course Ascension’s 1700 MIDI loops, you’ll never be bored with making your own sounds!

Find out more about DMS Ascension VST Synthesizer here. Why not download the free demo and try it for yourself?

Demo Created by Alan Hinton – check out Alan’s other Psytrance presets and sample packs here.

Download your Free Demo Here

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