Audiorealism ReDominator Review

Audiorealism ReDominator Review

August 13th 2014

Audiorealism are best know for their extremely well regarded vintage synth emulations such as Bassline, their excellent Roland TB-303 clone – and as a real 303 owner I’ve always been impressed by the sonic quality and frankly super-easy sequencer programming that Bassline incorporates into its interface. Even without the added distortion unit, high pass filter and true-to-the original super-squelchy 24 dB/ octave low pass filter this unit is still a winner for anyone looking for authentic acid sounds in their tracks.

New to the fold is ReDominator, a synth that I’ve personally been waiting years for someone to create! True, there have been Roland Alpha Juno 2 sound–a-likes in the past such as Linplug’s Alpha, however Audiorealism have pulled out all the stops to ensure that this synth sounds the business – if you’ve ever owned an Alpha Juno 2 you’ll remember it’s distinct ‘fizzy’ digital sounds and wonderful analogue filter. While of course ReDominator is fully digital being a VST/ AU the sonic qualities of the original Alpha Jumo 2 have been faithfully re-created – the demo version download features plenty of patches modeled on the original soundset that sound the business too, from rich synth strings to good ‘ol hoovers and thick unison leads that made the original synth famous these sounds are Juno 2 all over.

These sounds were made famous by artists such as Joey Beltram, The Prodigy’s ‘Charley’ & T-99’s classic track ‘Anasthasia’ and aren’t just relevant to dance music history – they’re still great for modern tracks and this synth while not exactly loaded with functions compared to today’s synths has some absolutely fantastic function (including the epic chord memory function!), chunky pulse width modulation and simple mod matrix. Check out ReDominator at the Audiorealism website – a free demo is available for Mac & PC users, including 64 bit for us Logic X fans!

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