Beginners Guide To Modular Synthesis

Beginners Guide To Modular Synthesis

October 2nd 2017

Our favourite music production tutorial site, Envato Tuts+ have put together a fantastic tutorial explaining the in-and-outs of modular synthesis.

If you’re unfamiliar with this often misunderstood for being “far too complicated” sound design technique, this article will give you a great grounding to kick of your modular synth experience!

From sound generators such as VCO’s and filters and envelope generators, you’ll be making new, never before heard sounds in no time…

Read ‘Modular Synthesis Explained’ on Envato Tuts+ Now!

Why not give modular synthesis a try today? You can download free modular synthesis VST’s on the web – ‘VCV Rack’ Is A FREE Modular Synthesizer For Windows, macOS & Linux! Download the FREE VST here.

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