DMS Big Room Trance & Progressive 2

DMS Big Room Trance & Progressive 2

June 5th 2014

We’ve unleashed volume 2 of our ‘DMS Big Room Trance & Progressive’ series, each sequence has been designed by our MIDI techs to slide straight into your productions, whether you’re just starting a new tune, or have an existing one that requires spicing up with that ‘spot on’ lead synth riff or breakdown chord progression. Included bonus samples and MIDI form instant studio use: just add your favourite synth! Our MIDI packs are designed for full flexibility in your EDM productions: rather than limiting creativity by using standard audio loops, bound by the constraints of tempo and key signature our MIDI loops can easily be edited in your sequencers Piano Roll editor to ensure that you have complete control over the groove! Use a portion of each sequence or use them in their entirety for instant production heaven!

Check out the full pack specs here.

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