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Peace Love Productions

Peace Love Productions (PLP) has been responsible for inspiring many budding producers through unique loop packs for almost ten years. Today PLP specializes in high quality multi-format loop and sample packs, all ready for instant download from our online store. PLP loops are cut with precision and formatted specifically for popular music applications using robust metadata for time-stretching and transposing.

Anyone using loops to create music or enhance a DJ set has probably used PLP material whether they know it or not. PLP Founder Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle) has been creating loops in a range of genres from Rock to Reggaeton to Electro to Hardcore ever since he started his career with Sony Creative Software in 1998, back when it was still called Sonic Foundry. His work for Acid DJ 3.0 eventually led to him start Peace Love Productions, one of the first labels to offer Acid loops to producers. More than a few aspiring producers have landed deals using PLP loops!

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