Latest DAW Templates from The One Series

Latest DAW Templates from The One Series

August 7th 2015

Need help getting that all important mix sorted? THE One-Series have delivered their latest pack for FL Studio users! This Pro production ready download has been years in development from label boss Steve Hilo – and typifies the kind of workflow that a seasoned professional would endure when making their own tracks.

Packed full of tips from top-of-their game producers this DAW template collection gives you the insight into how to not only mix in FL Studio (mixer presets are provided too!). This template collection really helps cut through the sometimes opaque way in which FL works – allowing even the noice user to get their teeth around just how intuitive Fruity 12 really is once you’ve got your head around some basic conventions of the UI.

If you are looking to make tracks from Trap, EDM, Progressive, House and beyond and you’re an FL Studio 12 user then you’re certain to find these DAW templates invaluable in your quest for sonic (and mix!) perfect!

Listen to the FL Studio Mastering Templates here. Need More? Take a browse through our other FL Studio Templates here.

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