New Sound Bank For Dmitry Sches Diversion Synthesizer

New Sound Bank For Dmitry Sches Diversion Synthesizer

January 9th 2016

For those of your who aren’t familiar with Dmitry Sches you should be! His plugins absolutely rock. We’re massive fans of his Multi-FX unit ‘Tantra’, which has a sound all of it’s own with some great features such as a configurable FX plugin chain, alongside some pretty funky-ass FX types and filters. Not only does Tantra boast a ton of FX units (including multi-mode filter, distortion, overdrive, lo-fi, EQ, flanger, glitch, rhythmic gate, delay, reverb and a limiter) but it also sounds fantastic. We recommend checking out the demo for this awesome FX machine immediately!

Tantra - Multi FX Processor - VST & AU Plugin

Diversion is Dmitry’s fully featured synth, and boy does this baby pack a punch! 4 multi-mode oscillators generate sound in real-time providing everything from FM, RM, wave-shaping and Wavetable functions. Not to mention the fully features arpeggiator, FX sections and great modulation options the actual sound of this synth is fantastic, winning it both Computer Music Magazine’s gold ‘Editors Choice’ and  Silver ‘Performance Award’. Accolades for any synthesizer indeed! Dmitry Sches 'Diversion' VST & AU Synthesizer

Nick Moritz has just released a pretty rough n tough sounding EDM soundset for Sches’ synth ‘Diversion’, and by the sound of the demo track these are some stand-out sounds indeed! Check out ‘Trantra’ & ‘Diversion’ today and get rocking with some of the most innovative plugins around right now!

Visit the site here to find out more.

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