New Synthesizer: Thorn From Dmitry Sches

New Synthesizer: Thorn From Dmitry Sches

October 19th 2017

One of our favourite synth designers, Dmitry Sches, author of our favourite multi-FX box ‘Tantra’ and super-synth ‘Diversion’, has released a brand new synth: ‘Thorn’. Computer Music Magazine have given the synth a 9/10 review with their ‘Editor’s Choice’ award, along with awards for innovation and performance!

Featuring 3 spectral synthesis oscillators Thorn gives you complete control over all the tones in your sound. Add 2 multi-mode, analogue modelled filters along with 9 highly flexible envelopes and you’ve got some seriously complex sound design choices available.

Thorn also features a 16 step arpeggiator with MIDI output, enabling you to edit the output. To top it all of the synth features a configurable FX chain along with an extra special Glitch FX module, enabling you to chop, mash, and mangle your sounds into another dimension!

We’ve put the demo version Thorn through it’s paces this afternoon, and are really impressed with the depth and colour of the sounds it’s capable of producing.

The synth comes with a pretty large selection of modern sounding presets, enough for any producer to get their teeth (and ears hopefully!) stuck into immediately. We were impressed with the quality of the factory presets and we can hear this synth becoming a big hit with producers of genres from Psytrance and Trance to House and beyond.

CPU usage is pretty low, we’ve managed to stack up an impressive number of instances of the 64 bit AU plugin without incurring any serious CPU damage!

Check out Dmitry Sches ‘Thorn’ here, available for Mac & PC users.

A demo version is available for free download. The full version of Thorn is available at only $69 for a limited time only.

Check out our quick demo track here:

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