Trance Mini Construction Kits Out Now!

Trance Mini Construction Kits Out Now!

July 16th 2015

Get the latest Trance production pack from Trance Euphoria and create instant driving tracks that will stand out amongst the other demos in any label bosses listening list!  The download includes 25 mini construction kits each representing a fantastic song starting springboard!

Each kit in the pack contains both WAV samples and MIDI loops enabling you to have complete control over which elements of the kits you use in your productions and how! Folders are key and tempo labeled and can be dragged and dropped straight into your DAW for instant Trance heaven!

Wet and Dry (No FX) samples are also included allowing you to easily gel these sounds into your own tracks using your own effects chains (TOP TIP! Adding your own shared reverb and delay via an FX send is a great way to ensure that your complete mixes sound ‘together’). Check out this superb production download pack today and sound like your favourite artists in moments! Listen to the Driving Trance Construction Kits here.

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