New! Traktor Remix Deck Packs

New! Traktor Remix Deck Packs

September 4th 2014

Native Instruments Trakor DJ software has become one of the standards of the industry, like Pioneer DJM’s and CDJ1000’s before it, it’s become one of the most popular pieces of kit out there today, both for aspiring DJ’s and Pro’s alike. Since it’s inception the idea of controller integration and the flexibility of never again being tied down to how many pieces of vinyl or CD’s you could lug around with you, Traktor has been all about intuitive usability. The latest iteration, Traktor 2 brings the DJ 4 decks and 30 FX to spice up their sets – and the ability to use audio loops in the form of Traktor’s Remix Decks launches the DJ into the world of creating their own unique sound by add, effecting and mixing new sounds into their sets on the fly. We’ve developed some excellent Remix Deck Packs to help you achieve the sound that you want in your sets, from drum loops to basses, synth loops and FX loops, all ready to drop into your sets from Traktor’s control panel. This industry leading piece of software is here to stay, and whether you like the idea of playing mp3’s from a laptop or not (we’re not 100% sold here at DMS towers, the jury’s out here!)  it’s won over Pro’s in their droves.
Take a listen to our Traktor Remix Deck Packs here.

Traktor Remix Deck Packs

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