EDM Acapellas Trilogy
EDM Acapellas Trilogy

EDM Acapellas Trilogy

Download a 3-in-1 mega collection of best selling vocal packs from Function Loops. Feat. Vocal Samples from 3 different vocalists, each topping global sample pack sales charts. Incl. 15 Construction Kits including all the tools you need to craft some serious hits, almost 4GB of content!
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"EDM Acapellas Trilogy" is a 3-in-1 mega collection of best selling vocal packs from Function Loops. inside these enormous vocal collections you’ll find samples from 3 different vocalists, each topping global sample pack sales charts. This mega value pack features 15 Construction Kits including all the tools you’ll need to craft some serious hits spread over nearly 4 GB of content. Packed with Vocals, Basslines, Synths, Drums & FX, including Stems, Loops, One-Shots and MIDI files. If you’re looking for real value, then grab this chart breaking bundle for half the price of the individual libraries and add some serious vocal track action to your next tracks! Who knows, maybe your next hit is just around the corner! Read on to hear exactly what’s in each of these awesome vocal packs!

EDM Acapellas with Maryam: Meet Function Loops newest talent, Maryam. This superb vocal sample pack download contains over 1.3 GB of pro quality vocal acapellas that will make your tracks sound instantly professional and highly dynamic. These unique vocal samples have been designed to enhance your productions and will take your creations to the next level. Maryam’s beautiful voice will make your productions alive and will enrich them with unique flavour and make them stand out.

This vocal pack includes 5 Construction Kits featuring everything inside to help you achieve maximum level in your production and let the ideas flow. Includes Basslines, Synths, FX, Drums, Vocals and MIDI files. Also includes full WAV track stems (already arranged as you can hear in the demo track) and also raw loops, so you can build your tracks from scratch, or use them as addition to the WAV Stems. You only need to drop these in your favorite DAW and you already have the bare bones for a vocal composition, making for an incredibly fast workflow. Simply cut them where you want, move them and build your own ideas in minutes. The Stems come as dry & wet versions, so you have maximum flexibility.

The Acapellas come as dry & wet versions too, including main and backing Acapellas separated into individual tracks. Each Acapella is around one to one and a half minute long so you will get loaded with some crystal-clear vocal material. Get ready to take your music to another dimension, develop new musical skills and gain experience, while working and arranging these acapellas.

EDM Acapellas With Lokka: Featuring Class-A material to help you create EDM chart-breakers. This is also a first of a kind sample pack with a very special format. This pack is all about full-length acapellas, featuring five complete construction kits including everything you'll hear in the demos, all BPM and Key-Labelled for ease of use and MIDI files are included for maximum flexibility too! A fantastic pack featuring tons of female vocals!

Each Kit contains the Vocal Acapella served as one full-length file (Dry & Wet Versions, 24-Bit WAV), so you can arrange your track as you like and chop the vocals to fit you production. All the instrumental Stems are included so you can quickly drop them into your favourite DAW and get the exact arrangement as you can hear in the demos. The Stems are not mastered, with no limiters or any other stuff, that can make problems when you will send your final work for mastering. They are low volume and ready to be modified to go smoothly into any mix.

After importing the Stems and Acapellas, the workflow becomes a picnic! You can change, swap, remix and remake the track for your own flavour quickly and easily, this is the format preferable by most of the artists and producers today. The whole pack is recorded at 128 BPM so you can mix between the Kits to get unique combinations of your own. But that's not all that’s included! The instrumental Stems are also broken into 24-Bit WAV loops (Dry & Wet versions). This gives you the tools to build your tracks from scratch, or you can use the Stems and then add the loops on them, basically the possibilities are endless. As a bonus there are also a bunch of Raw Vocal Loops included for the extra touch. In detail the pack contains: 9 MIDI files, 49 Stems, 48 Loops, 106 files in total, 1.2 GB of content.

EDM Acapellas With Rachel: The follow up to the popular series from Function Loops, bringing you five fashionable EDM Construction Kits including full-length vocal acapellas and loops, as well as instrumental stems, loops and MIDI files. Hard and dirty, yet melodic EDM vibes, inspired by the biggest DJs and artists of today, full of fresh ideas and inspiration. If you are looking for EDM vocals to spice up your next tracks, then you are in the right place. In this series, every sample pack contains a different vocalist and unique colour of voice, ready to be sampled in any top EDM production. Function Loops welcomes their newest talent, Rachel G. Each Kit contains the Main Vocal Acapella served as one Full-Length file (Dry & Wet Versions, 24-Bit WAV), letting you chop the vocals as you like to fit you productions. Use the full Acapella, cut parts of it, break them into snippets and use in different productions, up to you!

Also a Backing Vocals Acapellas are included in each Kit, giving you the option to decide if you wish the vocals to be solo or give them the backing touch, that depends of the track you are working on. The Acapellas are also broken into dry loops, in case you don't want to cut the Full Acapella. All the Full-Length Instrumental Stems (Dry & Wet Versions) are included as well, for a quick drag & drop into your favorite DAW, so you get the exact arrangement as in the demos, then you can easily modify them to fit your personal taste or remix. The Stems are recorded at low volume and they are Raw (no limiters or maximizers, etc.) giving you full space when mastering the final arrangements. The Loops of each Instrumental Stem are included too.

All sounds are BPM & Key-Labelled and the MIDI files included for maximum flexibility. The pack is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you have all the rights to use the sounds in your commercial productions, no strings attached! 'EDM Acapellas With Rachel' is also suitable for a wide range of other genres. If you have got the first volume 'EDM Acapellas With Lokka' then with these two packs together, you will be able to mix and match parts from one to other. Everything, except the FX Loops (risers) are included in this package. A User Manual is included with the product, explaining exactly how to use the samples.

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

Works with All DAW Software including Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reason, Traktor (WAV), Reaper, Sonar, Studio One, Mixcraft, FL Studio, Garageband, Samplitude and many more...

PC & Mac Compatible

PC & Mac Compatible

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