FEATURED: Heavy Bass Loops – Electro & Fidget House

May 29th 2012

Heavy Bass Loops for Electro & Fidget HouseChunky, super heavy-weight bass loops: perfect for Electro & Fidget House production! You asked for it: now it’s here! DMS presents Heavy Bass Loops: the ultimate collection of heavy-weight

bass MIDI sequences, synth patches and audio loops that will blow your bassbins and warp your perception!

We’ve recruited the finest bass scientists to delve into the lower regions and report back with their findings on the true meaning of wobble! Top electro and fidget house producers have been consulted to craft this unbelievably tough slab of low-end power. This collection of 30 wav audio loops, 30 MIDI loops and 30 NI Massive patches will give you all you need to make your own storming house, electro, fidget, bassline and breaks tracks. Any genre that needs a thundering bottom end will benefit! Listen to the electro house bass here.



Tags: Electro House Loops, Fidget House Loops

NI Massive Bass Sounds, Electro Bass Sounds

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