Sci-Fi Whoosh FX

Sci-Fi Whoosh FX

June 18th 2014

Sixbrix sound design have released their latest FX sample pack ‘Sci-Fi Whooshes’, the WAV format sample pack contains over 200 sci-fi inspired ‘whoosh’ effects designed to give your tracks that illusive ‘fly-by’ effect for transitions and drops: these samples are ultra high quality and have been processed using premium outboard gear including the infamous Manley Stereo EQP-1A and SPL Vitalizer MK2-T Enhancer. Each effect has been carefully designed without the use of excessive stereo processing or effect such as delay or reverb allowing you the freedom to add the sounds to your mix and add your own processing and FX to your taste: great flexibility from Sixbrix Sound Design! We love these effects sample and they’re not just great for sci-fi inspired genres such as Psytrance, they’re super-useful across the entire electronic dance music spectrum for use in those moments in your tunes when you need an inspiring transitional effect or impact! We love these effect samples here in the office – check them out today!

Check the full FX Sample Pack Specs Here.

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