Guy Fawkes Night Caption Competition - Win Free Stuff!

Guy Fawkes Night Caption Competition – Win Free Stuff!

November 5th 2015

Music Production Caption Competition today! Here in the UK we seem to be the only place in the world where we celebrate an attempt at blowing up our own parliament.  While there are quite a few who’d love to put at least 36 barrels of gun powder under our current politicians, we’ll certainly be celebrating this evening (with some fireworks, not high explosives).

Guy Fawkes Night Caption Contest

To add to the revelry we’ve come up with a caption competition – simply add a music production related caption into the speech bubble on our picture and win a DMS Branded pack of your choice up to the value of £25, along with 10 DMS Reward Points. The caption that makes us giggle like we’ve had a psychedelic breakfast will win!  We’ve come up with an example, which quite frankly is a bit lame, but it’s 9 am so hey ho… click here to download the source image and type your own caption!

Post all entries to our Facebook Page and we’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning, once the dust has settled. Good luck musical anarchists!

You can download the old skool font that we’ve used in our example entry below from Fontspace here.

DMS Caption Contest

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