How To Make Halloween & Horror Sound FX

How To Make Halloween & Horror Sound FX

October 13th 2017

Halloween is nearly upon us! We’ll of course be releasing a new DMS Halloween Horror Vocals sample pack… but that’s not we’re about here in the tut’s section…

You’ll need a decent mic – although USB connectivity has sorted this now – companies such as Samson make excellent microphones such as their C03U condenser mic for less than £70 GBP. With switchable pick-up patterns mics like this are a great choice for both vocal recording and general use. Plus they won’t break the bank!

So let’s get back on track…

Asbjoern Andersen has written a great tutorial about making your own scary sounding Halloween sound FX. From horrific gore sounds to Ghostyly sound effects, Asbjoern walks you through using everyday object and any old mic to create ghoulish, freaky sounds. So slam that door, punch a melon or smash a tomato, we don’t care: but there are 1000 ways to make sound fX in your DAW!

Reverse reverb techniques are great for this kind of ting, but we’ll leave the reading up to you! Logic Pro X, Reason and Ableton users have a full compliment of built-in plugins that are fully capable of creating evil, dark side sound FX… Logic’s Pitch shifter and Voice Transfer spring to mind!

Read’ How to create horror sound effects that are truly scary (and gory!)
on now!

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