How To Make A Simple Progressive House Sequence

How To Make A Simple Progressive House Sequence

October 18th 2017

This quick and basic tutorial from Computer Music illustrates how to create a classic Progressive House note sequence, along with some suggestions on classic chords to use.

We love the vibe of these kind of tracks and a great, memorable chord progression is key to success here, some of the biggest tracks also use some of the simplest chord sequences in a clever way.

Lining your chord progression’s notes up on 1/8 in a 4/4 time signature is a great start, we’d recommend tempos from 120 – 136 BPM, depending on your style.  

A great idea for a quick track-starter is to create yourself a template for your DAW which already has a basic 4/4 percussion groove programmed in, removing the need to ‘start from scratch’ every time. We use our favourite kick, clap and a short open hi-hat  in Ableton’s Simpler or Logic’s EXS24 sampler – you can of course simply replace these to suit your track as your production progresses.

We’d also recommend experimenting with side-chain compression, to give that ubiquitous ‘pumping’ effect that you’ll find in so many progressive tunes.

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