How To Make An Acid House Bassline

How To Make An Acid House Bassline

September 4th 2019


Everyone loves that classic Roland TB-303 sound, perhaps THE best known (and heard!) squelching low pass filter, vicious envelope mod and boy when you whack it through some distortion boy does it squeal!

Acid house kicked off the 303 sound revival in the late 1980’s, brining an obscure Roland synth back form the dead… featuring heavily on tracks through the 90’s right up to the present day, with the classic ‘Acid house’ baseline pattern becoming popular once again. Back then you could pick up a used 303 at a junk sale for a few bucks.. today? A bashed up old unit will cost you around £2500!  Don’t worry though, there are plenty of hardware and software clones out there, Audiorealism Bassline being a firm favourite, as well as official re-released units from Roland Corp themselves.

Need some rockin’ out TB-303 samples and loops? Check out our Acid section today for thousands of track-ready sounds!

Attack Magazine have written a great article on “How to make an Acid House Bassline” using Audiorealism’s Bassline VST instrument.

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