How To Make Emotional Orchestral String Patterns

How To Make Emotional Orchestral String Patterns

October 10th 2017

Our favourite music technology magazine Computer Music are today’s choice of top production tutorial! Drum & Bass producer Keeno, star of labels including Liquid Tones and Med School, has put together some smoking’ hot tips on creating orchestral string sequences for DnB, although his techniques can be transposed to pretty much any genre out there.

There’s something spine tingling about a ‘real’ sounding orchestral chord progression, and good sound choice, along with the right pattern is key to making your breakdown or oozing Liquid D&B track an ear prickling monster-track!

The example string progression in this tutorial uses ‘EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra’ VST library, an expensive choice if you’re not a pro, and there are plenty of string sound fonts out there if you want to feed your sampler, we suggest hitting a few searches around ‘Orchestral SoundFonts’ and se what you can unearth online! Of course many VSTi ROMplers such a Nexus have plenty of string presets too…

Read ‘Keeno shows you how to create an emotional orchestral DnB sequence’ on Music Radar now!

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