How To Make Reese Basses & Hoovers

How To Make Reese Basses & Hoovers

October 12th 2017

Love those hard, old skool style Reese basses that you hear in so many breakbeat and D&B tracks?

Davide Di Bucchianico has written a great tutorial on how to design both Reese basses and the classic hoover sound! Davide’s used Logic to walk you through how to create these characteristic sounds, but the techniques are applicable to virtually any synth and sampler.

The article walks you through creating the basic sound using saw waveforms, unison and detune, along with envelopes. Finally he shows you ho to use filters to create a gritty back to the 90’s Rave vibe for both basses and hoovers (think t99 ‘Anasthasia’ or Human Resource ‘Dominator’).

This article is an absolute gem for any producer who’s bored of using ancient hoover and bass samples, and wants to create their own synth presets from scratch – a fantastic way to make your own signature sound stand out from the crowd.

Logic users will love these tips for using Logic Pro’s powerful ES2 synthesiser, along with the trusty EXS24 MKII sampler, one of our personal favourites – it may not have had an update since Logic 5, and may not have some of the advanced pitch stretching functions of new skool samplers such as Native Instruments Kontakt, but it’s still a very capable sampler that many pro’s still swear by (and of course it comes as part of Logic Pro as standard!).

Finally Davide gives you some tips on using various FX processors to polish your sound: we love this production tutorial! Great work and well worth a read!

Read “How to Design Reeses and Hoovers“ on Envato Tuts+ now!

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