How To Make Your Drum Samples Sound Bigger!

How To Make Your Drum Samples Sound Bigger!

May 30th 2018

Ever felt that your drums samples need a little boost? Or just bored of the ones you have?  There are plenty of plugins out their such as bass frequency exciters, but these often just don’t cut the mustard – at worst they may make your mix sound more like a woolly mammoth that’s just climbed out of a very large tar pit, and has a particularly bad cold.  

Never fear! Future Music have written a great tutorial on how to use synthesisers to bolster up your percussion samples. Read ‘How to beef up sampled drums with synthetic sounds‘ On Musicradar here.

Need tasty drum samples that don’t need fattening up? Check out our drum samples section for thousands of dum hit, drum loops and percussive sounds.

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