How To Write A D&B Chord Progression

How To Write A D&B Chord Progression

October 8th 2017

Chord progressions are at the very core of music production, a decent chord sequence can make or break your track.

Thankfully those tireless music technology buffs over at Computer Music Magazine have written a handy tutorial on writing chords for Liquid D&B, although producers of any genre will find this article useful too.

Pioneered by popular D&B labels such as Liquicity, Hospital Records and UKF Drum & Bass, the sub-genre is categorised by it’s laid back, tranquil approach to production. Liquid D&B tracks often use far ’softer’ sounds than other, more full on D&B sub-genres, giving it a more chilled out flavour.

Read ‘How to create uplifting liquid DnB chords’ from Computer Music here.

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