DMS how to guide: Importing MIDI into FL Studio

DMS how to guide: Importing MIDI into FL Studio

May 30th 2012

FL Studio

Our How to guides series take a quick look at importing MIDI files like those you’ll find here on DMS and assigning one of FL Studio’s built-in synths to play the sequence.


1) Open up FL Studio and create a new project (we’ve chosen to use the handy ‘Minimal’ template).

 2) Click the ‘Channels’ menu, choose ‘Add One’ and then select an instrument of your choice.

3) Right-Click your new channel and choose ‘Piano Roll’ from the top of the drop-down menu that appears – this will open up FL’s piano roll editor window.

4) Now to import our MIDI file! From the Top left of the piano roll window click the small arrow, and then choose ‘File’ from the top of the drop-down menu. From the ‘File’ menu choose ‘Import MIDI file…’.

5) Navigate towards your downloaded MIDI files (.mid) and select one. A dialogue box will appear named ‘Import MIDI data’ – click accept to import all channels (almost all MIDI files on DMS will only have channel 1 available, however many MIDI files you’ll download from the web will have multiple channels – i.e an entire song’s worth of MIDI data).

6) Hit play! You’ll now hear the imported MIDI data playing! The piano roll editor allows you to edit the note data of the imported MIDI data in the same way that you’d edit your own musical creations.

We’ve got loads of free and commercial MIDI loops here at DMS – create a free account and visit the DMS Free Stuff menu to download some examples.

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