Kevin Energy Music Production Courses

Kevin Energy Music Production Courses

October 27th 2015

Learn to make Freeform & UK Hardcore with the one and only, award winning DJ & Producer Kevin Energy!   If you need some serious studio skills this guy is your answer!  If you’re unaware of this guy then here’s the low-down: Kevin’s been DJ’ing and producing on the harder side of UK underground music for nearly 20 years and believe me ( you don’t have to, his music speaks for itself), this guy is the don at creating original tracks that beat the pants off the competition with spare time for a biscuit and a nice cup of tea in between gloating over how good your production’s have become with his help.

Kevin’s offering access to his massive wealth of knowledge through Musictech Collective. Get your music production course here!

Topics Covered Will Be:

Creating and Arranging Beats:

•    Sampler vs. Audio
•    Building sample banks
•    Techniques on choosing samples
•    Saving your own template
•    Loop manipulation
•    Using compression

•    Patterns explained
•    Bass frequency overlay
•    Sound choice
•    Thinking outside the box with buss processing

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