New NI Razor Presets - Mono Leads Out Now

New NI Razor Presets – Mono Leads Out Now

July 30th 2014

Audiozone have delivered an awesome new monophonic lead soundset for NI’s Razor! The sound bank features 50 chunky leads designed for Electro House, Trap, Dubstep, Grime, Complextro, Progressive, Drum’n’Bass and many more EDM styles that need great sounding leads synth patches. The hard and dirty synth lead presets have been designed to deliver punch and power to your productions. Razor is fast becoming a favourite instrument in the pro audio circuit, with it’s myriad of oscillator types and amazingly flexible additive synthesis options you’ll love the sonic qualities of this synth bank. Check out these superb presets for Razor today!

Native Instrument’s Razor uses additive synthesis and can use up to 320 ‘partials’ to create highly detailed sounds using 14 distinct oscillator types ranging from your usual saw, pulse and sine waves to some more up-front waveforms suitable for ultra modern synthesis techniques. With fantastic manipulation options this synth is a sound designers dream and Audiozone have really hit the nail on the head with these cutting edge new sounds. Razor’s filter sections aren’t to be beaten either – with 11 filter types ranging from the classics to full on whacky to ensure that you’ve got plenty of sound shaping options. Of course the synth features a flexible modulation options section with syncable LFO’s and added functionality for those in need of super deep programming.  Messing with this synth really is fun, and if you’re not so technically minded there are plenty of great presets available for this synth. What’s best? The synth isn’t limited to Reaktor users, the synthesizer is also compatible with the supplier Reaktor Player VST/ AU meaning that you can run this excellent piece of gear without the full version of Reaktor.

 Need more? We’re got plenty of NI Razor Presets Here.

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