New! Progressive Psytrance Templates for Logic

New! Progressive Psytrance Templates for Logic

November 13th 2015

It’s been a while since we’ve visited Psytrance production in Logic Pro, so this week we’ve been slaving away creating 5 new Logic Templates for you to explore. Each of the 5 projects contains one complete Progressive Psytrance song starter idea for you to use as the base of a new production. Let these kits inspire your latest tracks.

 We’ve made use of Logic’s EXS24 Sampler to provide easy to edit MIDI based tracks that you can easily adapt to your own needs. Add your own unique spin or just use the instruments in your own Psychedelic Trance productions.  We’ve used plenty of advanced production techniques to help you learn including all important side-chain compression, EQ, overdrive, limiting and basic mastering.

Logic Pro Templates - Progressive Psytrance Kits

As is standard with all our DMS DAW Templates you won’t require any 3rd party plugin FX or instruments installed to take advantage of these groove kits – simply the full version of Logic 8, Logic 9 or Logic X. We’ve created optimized versions for each project so you can be absolutely sure that they’ll work with your system, which ever version of Apple Logic you use. Download the Logic Pro Templates here.

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