Want to make kick ass music?

Want to make kick ass music?

August 17th 2012

Here at DMS we just love MIDI! So just what is MIDI? A MIDI file, put simply is the note data for a sequence of music. The royalty free MIDI files you’ll find in DMS packs contain one note sequence (a synth lead riff or pad for example) making them super easy to use in your productions. Every modern Digital Audio workstation (or DAW, such as Logic Studio, Cubase, Reason, Reaper, FL Studio, Sonar, Ableton Live and many more!), your production software, can import and edit MIDI files with ease making them an obvious platform independent choice. What’s even better about MIDI files is that you can assign any sound to them you wish – just load up your favourite VST (or AU!) instrument and you’re free to open your sequencer’s piano roll editor and move notes around, re-arrange, remix or even just take a look at how our MIDI Pro’s put high quality riffs and chord sequences together.

Making music with our MIDI sequences couldn’t be easier: our MIDI pro’s are all professional musicians who make MIDI for you – it’s all royalty free so  if you want to use it in your next hit tune you’re free to do so! Take a listen to our MIDI packs and you’ll know what we mean! we love quality sequences and we ensure that all of our packs are stacked full of high quality useable Pro MIDI files: we really are sad to see some of these sequences go!

If you’re just starting out making music our MIDI packs are the perfect starting point. While WAV audio loops are great for quick and easy production they’re limited by their inability to manipulate note data with complete freedom. Simply download your favourite genre (we’ve got everything from pop through to every club genre from house, trance, chillout, progressive, minimal to hairstyle & hardcore!) and load them up in your favourite sequencer, then choose your favourite synth sounds and edit away! you can easily change tempo, musical key or manipulate any note as you wish: ultimate flexibility from our MIDI masters here at DMS!

Check out our MIDI packs now! Want to try some of our MIDI files for free? Head on to our Free Stuff section and download for free! Like them? Support our producers and grab yourself a MIDI pack today, get 10% off with our sign up discount! Use code: DMS-SIGNUP-DISCOUNT-10

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