How To Make Your Own Acapellas

How To Make Your Own Acapellas

November 9th 2017

Ever wanted to remix the vocals from a track, but don’t have access to the acapella? Never fear! Music Radar have put together a short and sweet tutorial on isolating vocals from a full mix in your DAW software.

This technique can be used in virtually any multi-track DAW software using a clever technique called phase cancellation. This effectively uses the existing sounds in a mix, using your DAW’s utility plugin to invert them, to magically make unwanted sounds disappear! The technique can also be used to remove drum sounds too.

Remixes and bootlegs are a re great starting point for new producers, however if you’re looking for original vocal samples to use in your tracks check out our vocal sample packs!

Read ‘How to isolate a vocal from a full mix in your DAW’ on Music Radar now!

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