Max Braiman Uplifting Trance Kits
Max Braiman Uplifting Trance Kits

Max Braiman Uplifting Trance Kits

Download 20 MIDI construction kits plus Reveal Sound Spire presets from Trance Euphoria & Max Braiman designed for high impact Uplifting Trance! Includes FL Studio files for each of the 20 tracks!

Compatible with:

  • MIDI Compatible With All DAW Software
  • Reveal Sound Spire
  • FL Studio
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Trance Euphoria are proud to present ‘Max Braiman Uplifting Trance Kits’, if you’re into Uplifting Trance, this is the pack for you! Featuring 20 fully featured MIDI construction kits, each containing all the individual MIDI files to create a full track alongside Reveal Sound Spire presets for each MIDI part, a drum kick & percussion loop to get you started plus FLP Files for FL Studio users to see how the demo was created. A complete mix down of each kit is also included in the download.

Construction Kit Pack Features Broken Down: 20 Full Construction Kits Containing 160 MIDI Files, 138 Spire Individual Presets, Demo Project FLP Files For Each Kit For FL Studio Owners, A Kit MIDI File Which Imports All Individual Midis For Each Kit, Arp Basses, Chord Melody, Pads, Roll Basses, Saw Basses, Sub Basses, Acid Basses, Bass Pads, Chord Basses, Sub Melodies, Main Melodies, Chord Pucks, Voicy Basses, Off Beat Basses, Gated Basses, Pluck Basses, Seq Basses, Alternate Arp Basses, Distorted Basses, Percussive Basses, Chorus Bass and Intro Melody (Kits Vary In Contents, On Average 7 MIDI files Per Kit Plus The Kit MIDI File. BPM Information is included for all kits.

FL Studio Owners Software Needed: FL Studio Version 10.0.9 (Not Guaranteed To Work With Older Versions.

3rd Party Plugins Used: VST Instrument Used – Reveal Sound Spire, FL Studio Effects Used – Maximus, Grossbeat, Fruity Parametric EQ 2, Fruity Reverb, 3rd Party Effects Used – Fabfilter Pro-Q, Pro-L & Saturn. Please note that you do not need the Effects Plugins for the demo not to work but the sound quality will differ.

For People Who Don’t Own FL Studio: We have included all of the individual MIDI files for each kit in the download, allowing you to create the full track with the kick & percussion loop in each folder, the bonus with MIDI files is that you can import them into your chosen DAW, load up your favourite synth and your own soundsets. If you have Reveal Sound Spire then the presets are supplied and you can re-create the same sound as the demos. We have also included a Kit MIDI for all of the construction kits e.g Kit 01.mid, Kit 02.mid etc these MIDI files once imported in to your DAW load all the MIDI tracks as it would in the demo and the same arrangement as well instead of individually importing each MIDI file, but the individual MIDI files are there for you if you need them.

Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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