Free MIDI Loop Pack From DMS Out Today!

Free MIDI Loop Pack From DMS Out Today!

November 6th 2015

Get an amazing 50 MIDI format chord progressions taken from a cross-section of DMS pack: absolutely free! We’ve taken these chord sequences from some of our favourite series including ‘Epic Chords’, ‘Orchestral EDM’ and the ‘Producer Tools’ MIDI packs.

Free MIDI Loops Download!

We Love MIDI here at DMS, for one simple reason: it’s the most flexible format for music production. Since a MIDI file contains all of the data needed to reconstruct a note sequence such as a synth riff, chore progression or even entire tune, you’re free to edit this note data, change the tempo, choose any sound from your own synth preset library and much more besides. Download this free MIDI chord progression pack and explore the versatility of making music using MIDI! Simply unzip, drag and drop a file into your DAW and assign a sound from your library to play the chord sequence back!

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