Big Magic Synth Patches For NI Massive

Big Magic Synth Patches For NI Massive

February 7th 2014

Need enormous bass synth patches? Native Instrument’s Massive is one of the best – and that’s not a subjective point of view, or ear – so many pro’s use Massive as their go-to bass synth that it’s become a studio standard. Why? the bottom end of this synth kicks most other virtual synths into orbit – much like some hardware synths do – no weedy, pathetic basses here! NI Massive is stocked full of awesome synthesis options, from overdrive to multiple filter types and macros – really easy to assign modulation options – these make this synth so easy to control that creating variation of the s ams sound – a technique that’s used so much these days in genres such as Complextro, Dubstep, D&B and other bass heavy EDM styles. If you’re looking for lead synths you certainly won’t be disappointed either – Massive patches are just as good for leads as they are bass – incredibly so! If you need banks for your synthesiser we’d recommend browsing our NI Massive Soundset section right now and stock up your synth’s sound banks with speaker smacking fresh sounds from top producers and amazing programmers. Get 25% off until tomorrow (7th Feb 2014, Midnight GMT ONLY!).

Check out our NI Massive soundsets here.

Listen to Big Magic Synths from Molgli here.

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