Pro 53 Hardstyle Tutorial with Nutty Trance

Pro 53 Hardstyle Tutorial with Nutty Trance

May 29th 2012

Hardstyle Stars Nutty Trance of Blutonium fame show us how to program the popular Native Instruments Pro 53 softsynth with an enormous Lead synth sound. We’ve used this sound in a few releases on Blutonium and M3ntal Records and hope it helps you further your sound design skills! So load up your Pro 53 and let’s get programming…

Some examples of tracks its been used in: 

Warmduscher – Stow It (Nutty T Remix) (Blutonium)
Nutty T – 100% Noise (M3ntal Records)
Nutty T – Blurred (M3ntal Records)
CI-LOG – Burnin’ Dial (M3ntal Remix) (M3ntal Records)
Nutty T – Victim (Retribution UK Anthem) (Nutty Trance)                

1st Step

First off load the built-in preset HPF Kickbass MW (If you can’t find the preset you can click here to download it). Pretty basic sounding! Let’s use this as a basis to program a massive Hardstlye Lead!



2nd Step

Your filter env osc b in the poly mod section should be all the way up and freq A should be clicked on.



3rd Step

In the osc A section the frequency knob should be on the 3rd notch and the saw and square buttons both need to be clicked on, also turn on the oscillator sync button.


4th Step

In Osc B secion put the frequency knob up to 2 notches, fine to 5 notches, then switch the saw, and triangle wave buttons on.



5th Step

In the mixer section turn both oscillator knobs all the way up, and the noise osc all the way down.



 6th Step

In the filter section, turn the cutoff knob right down, resonance right down, env amt up 2 and half notches, KBD 2 and half notches, attack up 1 notch, decay 2 notches, sustain 5 notches, release to zero.



7th Step

In the amplifier section (see above), the attack knob should be right down, decay 4 notches, sustain up to full and release set to zero.


8th Step

Glide should be 2-4 notchs (depending how much slide you need!), then set the voices all the way up to 32 and click on the unison button (to add that super-thick effect!). The analog knob should be half way or to your personal taste…



We usually disable the Pro 53’s internal FX in favour of an external delay and reverb, but all that’s all up to your own discretion! Try experimenting with some other FX like Quadrafuzz for some added distortion – and there you have it – a nice fat sound! Press play below for an example Lead Riff using a MIDI file from one of our DMS Hardstyle MIDI packs.


                                       {modmmp3} {mmp3}Pr053tutorialFinalNoize.mp3{/mmp3}

Now have a good play…

Nutty T
Nutty Traxx / M3ntal Records / Blutonium

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